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Civil Contracting


Having the right mix of experience and expertise, Emerging Qatar is capable of carrying out small to mid range of civil construction projects with ease. With a team of highly trained workers including masons, steel fixers, shuttering carpenters and motivated laborers, we have successfully completed up to mid-sized projects and earned accolades. We also consider subcontracted work to go by the program of the main contractor.

With an experienced in-house civil construction team of European technicians we are able to undertake projects where minor civil works are a required part of the project scope. We primarily specialize in MEP maintenance works but we are also prepared to meet a variety of project requirements including architectural works, joinery, carpentry works, sewage, drainage and water supply systems.

Minor civil works including finishes, flooring, ceiling, roofing, doors, curtain walls, painting, glazing and cladding, trims, railing, gates and metal works.

Doors, cabinets, paneling, pantries, cladding and associated fittings and fixtures.

Domestic pump sets, cold water booster pumps, sand filters, sanitary and fittings, fixtures, electrical water heaters, GRP sectional water tanks, copper pipes and fittings, drainage pipes and associated fittings and fixtures, and irrigation water supply systems.

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